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I'm giving you the option this year to pic what pictures you want in your calendar. There are 36 pictures to choose from and they will be printed on 6 inch x 4 inch photo paper and put into a jewel case made to hold that size paper.

If you would like to order one or more, email me,, with the picture numbers and how many calendars you would like. If you want multiple calendars with different pictures in each please state that as well.

Price is $10 each without shipping.

1 with shipping: $12.75
2 with shipping: $23.50
3 with shipping: $34.25

If you save your jewel case, you can have a discounted price next year.
01-April 2015 Sunrise02-Red-spotted Purple Butterfly03-American Goldfinch04-Horny Toad05-Ruby-throated Hummingbird06-Indigo Bunting07-Candy-striped Leafhopper08-Common Loon09-Milksnake10-Osprey11-Common Redpoll12-Ruddy Duck13-Sora14-Jumping Spider15-Wild Turkey16-Wild Turkey17-Turner Falls18-Evening Grosbeaks19-Humphrey Lake Sunset20-Bald Eagle

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