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I'm giving you the option this year to pic what pictures you want in your calendar. There are 36 pictures to choose from and they will be printed on 6 inch x 4 inch photo paper and put into a jewel case made to hold that size paper.

If you would like to order one or more, email me, [email protected], with the picture numbers and how many calendars you would like. If you want multiple calendars with different pictures in each please state that as well.

Price is $10 each without shipping.

1 with shipping: $12.75
2 with shipping: $23.50
3 with shipping: $34.25

If you save your jewel case, you can have a discounted price next year.
01-April 2015 Sunrise02-Red-spotted Purple Butterfly03-American Goldfinch04-Horny Toad05-Ruby-throated Hummingbird06-Indigo Bunting07-Candy-striped Leafhopper08-Common Loon09-Milksnake10-Osprey11-Common Redpoll12-Ruddy Duck13-Sora14-Jumping Spider15-Wild Turkey16-Wild Turkey17-Turner Falls18-Evening Grosbeaks19-Humphrey Lake Sunset20-Bald Eagle

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